May 5th, 2008

The Librarian

Reading follow-up

Mark Gatiss' The Devil in Amber is quite good ... a nicely-done spoof of the post-Victorian gentlemen adventurer/supernatural novel; sort of a cross between James Bond and H. Rider Haggard or non-Dracula Bram Stoker (if you've seen Michael Palin's Ripping Yarns, well kinda like that in book form). Now I shall have to get Gatiss' other novel about British Royal Academy agent Lucifer Box: The Vesuvius Club. :-)
The Librarian

Further adventures in printable html :-)

Found out I'd been erring too far on the side of safety and small font (well, on print preview it looked all scrunched, like it wasn't gonna fit!) ... did the test print of the new processing table and ended up that I could increase the font by two sizes (from "1" to "3" and still have everything fit by printing landscape. And it looks nice on the web too. Me happy, Processing happy (boss presumably be happy when she sees it ... I left a copy of the trial run in her mailbox)

Now all I've gotta do is type in a few hundred processing rules and it'll be done! And be insufferably proud of teaching myself enough html in the last couple of years that I can do this kind of thing. :-) (feeling extra insufferably proud 'cause our receptionist/researcher mentioned to me today that she'd been using my department's site and how useful she found it)

Mucho thanks for the expertise of buddies ... even if it's just confirming for me that I haven't missed something screamingly obvious, it's very helpful. :-)