May 3rd, 2008

The Librarian

Good news for my buddies who like to read Canadian news sources

As of May 31, 2008, the Globe and Mail Online is greatly increasing the amount of their site that will available at no charge to nonsubscribing readers ... GlobeEdge Alerts (you register a free account, set up an interest list, and get a notification email if an article is published on that subject) and features by columnists (including 30-day archive) are the two big formerly-subscriber-only services that will now be available at no charge, along with an increased number of general articles. (other now-free services are crossword, horoscope, and sudoku ... not what I consider a thrill, but others may see that differently)

Seeing as the columnists (remember Mallick?) and the alerts are why I started subscribing in the first place, looks as if I'll have a little more pocket money each month (new subscriber features are having your online paper look exactly like the print one, access to their financial website, and archive access back to Jan. 2000 for up to 100 old articles ... I really think I can live without that kind of excitement ***GRIN***)