April 13th, 2008

The Librarian

Costume change

The quietest neighbours HAVE been around ... just that for the past few months they've only been making appearances at twilight or later, running at full tilt across the courtyard without pausing, or scampering close by when I'm coming in/going out and don't have a camera on me (or time to take pictures if I did). This evening, however, we've got a little cooperation ... far side of the courtyard instead of conveniently on my side, but at least keeping still and showing off a bit of the spring fashion:

And the photographer now has to decide on her evening treat; reward for finishing ALL the brought-home-from-work invoices on my desk today was to get to go movie shopping + dinner with buddy ... I now have to choose between putting Sweeney Todd, Extras: the extra special series finale, or Cracker: a new terror in the DVD player. Decisions, decisions ... :p
The Librarian

One of the great truths

For those who like the bits from the "Alatriste" novels that I quote here when I'm telling you how good they are (no word on volume 4 or a DVD release yet, but I'm watching ...), something a little different but as thought provoking as anything Pérez-Reverte ever wrote. libwitch kindly did the typing, so honour the labour of her fingers and click here to read one of Terry Pratchett's best bits what makes humans "human".

This is why I can re-read Pratchett until my copies of his books fall apart (and then I'll replace every one) ... the humour is just the vehicle for some very deep thoughts.
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