March 16th, 2008

The Librarian


A very good night out. Dinner at the White Spot (I had the "Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese"), then on to the Comedy Cave for the early show, with Jocko Alston headlining (and being his usual make-the-audience-fall-off-their-chairs hilarious), and then to the Cheesecake Factor for dessert (Canadian Maple cheesecake), coffee (decaf) and general silliness. A good mix of people ... some known and some new (including members of the 501st Badlands Garrison).

Was a bit of a shock to exit the Cave, which has blackout curtains drawn during the stand-up, to find that fat wet snowflakes had started coming down sometime during the show and the white stuff was already deep enough to make those of us wearing dresses and heels regret it (plus a couple people hadn't bothered with anything remotely jacket-like since the day and early evening had been so pleasant and springlike) ... there's now nary a trace of grass showing in the courtyard, which was starting to show signs of greening early. Ah well, it's only -1C, so no damage should be done.

Think the cheesecake sugar buzz is finally wearing off, so should start thinking of heading bedward ...
The Librarian

A must-read for any bibliophile

Just finished reading Henry Petroski's The Book on the Bookshelf ... a fascinating history of the co-evolution of books and their storage. One of those books that you simultaneously read fast and are sorry to finish because it's so fascinating ... who knew that the physical changes in our form of reading, from scroll to codex to book and in storage, from pigeonhold to bookchest to chained lectern to shelf to stack were so interconnected? Special attraction: the appendix listing over twenty different possible ways to arrange your home library.