February 5th, 2008

The Librarian


IT quietly told me today that I'm getting a new computer. With a bigger'n'better hard drive. Was very obvious about NOT saying "new-to-you". We get 1-year-lease returns, we get repaired, we get rebuilt, we get components replaced as they die, but we very rarely get new.

I feel so special! ***happy dancing inside head***

P.S. Even if this really means old-casing-with-all-new-guts-inside I'll be thrilled. :-)
The Librarian


The artist of Untitled Comedy #34 has just scored major points (with me anyway) for quoting Black Books in his latest news entry. For that display of excellent taste I can fully forgive him for taking off on a one month vacation just when I was getting into the strip (and I'll continue to eagerly await its reactivation). ;p