January 20th, 2008

The Librarian

The Gigcast

timcharmorbien, I immediately thought of you guys when I saw this. The Gigcast is a podcast series for webcomics creators ... a lot of reviews and interviews, but also techie stuff for your webcomic (I came across this through checking out another artist's link to their 'cast on "putting together a website for your webcomic.

Will naturally also be of interest to anybody who just wants to discover new panel-style reading online ... I'll be adding it to my webpage's little collection of podcasts/online radio. :-)

P.S. Also found yesterday: BuzzComics ... a free webcomic promotion registry (NOT a host) that lets creators give their work more exposure and gain more readers/lets readers use multiple search methods to find new strips that are to their taste. Also has a voting system (and allows repeat votes at twelve hour intervals), so your fans and buddies can move you towards the top (and even more visibility). :-)
The Librarian

Winter white

We've finally got a touch of winter here ... snowed lightly on and off on Friday and more heavily and steadily overnight and most of Saturday. Dunno what the official depth total is, but I figure what I brushed off my car to go to the theatre yesterday was at least 15 centimetres (approx. 6 inches, give or take a fraction). What's strange is that now, close to 24 hours after snowfall stopped, the courtyard is still pristine ... not a bootprint, pawprint, nor even a single hop of a bird. Amazing. :-)