January 17th, 2008

The Librarian

I'm just gonna call it super-vision

Well, Tim of timcharmorbien, you're not alone in the age-related vision changes (although MY mother still doesn't wear or need bi- or multi-focals). Went to the optometrist today and ended up being assigned my first pair of multi-focal contact lenses. They've come a long way since originally entering the market ... used to be one ended up with distance vision in one eye and near vision in the other and needing a week or more to adjust, but these are interchangeable (same prescription for each eye), and I wore them for about 3.5 hours tonight without noticing anything different from my regular disposables (other than a sharpening of fuzziness so minor that I barely knew it was there). They appear to have a "deeper" cup shape than the others ... I shall have to do some update-my-knowledge research on the things to see how this improved version works.

And have to test out as many vision thingies as possible in the next two weeks, before going back to the optometrist for review and any necessary adjustments (standard with these) ... reading, night driving, knitting, sewing, computer work ... just anything that's vision intensive (ah yes, try to remember which widescreen DVDs I was cussing lately for text smallness/furriness while making credit notes ... mebbe it wasn't all reduction-due-to-letterbox ***GRIN***)

On the plus side, right-eye astigmatism is now so far reduced that it doesn't even qualify as borderline any more. And I still read comfortably without any vision correction and habitually have any computer monitor I work with set to smallest font size ... I find the default of "medium" far too large for comfort. Not bad for a fuzzy-visioner, I say. :p