December 31st, 2007

The Librarian

More playing with banners ... (combined with promoting an excellent review site)

Is this one visible? To hadesgirl? To anyone/everyone else?

[ Sequential Tart ]

Also, a new subsection has been added to the "Fun & Games" section of JLS' Favourite Oddities & Curiosities ... it's called "Shopping Outside the Mainstream" and is a home for those strange little shopping sites we've been cooing over recently. Let me know of any others you discover and I'll add them! :-)

Am now off to IKEA to purchase Julmust to try for the first time (they still had it in stock on Friday, so I should have no trouble acquiring it)
The Librarian

Mission accomplished!

I have a bottle of Julmust AND a bottle of Glögg inhouse now. Haven't sampled yet; was thinking of cracking the Julmust for Swedish New Year, which is in about half an hour.

Should be an interesting experiment ... told the IKEA clerk that I've read taste descriptions varying from most-delicious-drink-in-the-universe to tastes-like-soap. Her opinion: laughter and "It's definitely a unique flavour."

We shall see ...