December 30th, 2007

The Librarian

Good morning

#hedgehog is open at DALnet ( is having troubles again). And I'm off to have a shower 'cause it's unlikely anybody will pop in this early ... I just wanted to check what was working ... :p

EDIT: Change of venue ... tommdroid and I are using
The Librarian


Much chatting fun today, with tommdroid and not-drowned-in-the-server-room-after-all barong, along with a few minutes drop-in by inkspot and Kalle bravely standing in as Tommdroid-in-training during dinner preparations. I intend to try, in future, to set this up every month or so ... pity we can't time things so we're all housebound by blizzards (but with electricity and connections intact) at the same time or something. :p
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