December 24th, 2007

Jolly Roger

For the pirate lovers ...

... of which I know there be more than a few out there: the Animation Factory site has, scattered among the members-only stuff, some royalty-free, LJ-icon-sized pirate animations on offer here (love the one of the pirate captain tapping away on his laptop) :-)
The Librarian


Okay, this has been bugging me since Saturday and I plead the aid of my fellow geekophiles to put my brain at rest (on this point, anyway). The webstrip Starslip Crisis has been running a Saturdays-only, mega-battle between guest appearance spacecraft from the whole gamut of fandom ... tv, movies, comics, etc. So far I've been able to I.D. them all ... until this weekend. I KNOW I know that domed space station from somewhere, but WHERE? I also know I'm gonna feel a complete idiot (or at least my memory is ... why should I take the rap for its failings?) when one of you tells me, but I can live with that ... I gotta know! :p
The Wolfman

Okay ...

... now that I've finished this scarf, can somebody please tell me where I put the case for my 15mm knitting needles? (I swear, it should be right here on the computer desk, as I was using an online pattern that was only four lines and therefore not worth printing since I had it memorized after working from the screen for a few rows)

Durned gremlins!

P.S. Photo tomorrow ... it's worked in this unusual Swedish half-felted tape with iridescent thread down the middle, which looks purple and black under artificial life and only reverts to its true blue shades in proper daylight (the shade card link has far more accurate colour)