December 20th, 2007

The Librarian

Almost at the finish line ...

Tomorrow should just be a half-day (or close enough) at work tomorrow, and then two restful weeks of pretending clocks don't exist! :D (ULS is closed from Dec. 22-Jan. 1, and I'm gonna take Jan. 2-4 off ... far better use of a 3-day week than being at my "official" desk, no?)

Hopefully I'll get my brain recovered from the constant interruptitis that's plagued my ability to concentrate this year, make progress on assorted knitting and sewing projects (being able to work on 'em in daylight makes a huge difference), diminish the teetering to-read pile, etc. Plus we, the old online gang, are LONG LONG LONG overdue for a vIRC chat, so I have trying to set one of those up on my list as well; let me know good days and bad and I'll do my best to schedule when it works for the majority. And you new buddies met via LJ, do join in if you want ... the more, the merrier!
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