December 8th, 2007

The Librarian


Just savouring my first-ever mug of Pickwick Zuidvruchten, an apricot/peach/apple/pear tea that I picked up at Edelveiss last night (bought a lemon version too). I really MUST learn how to read a little more basic Dutch, as I thought these were pure fruit teas ("abrikoos, perzik, peer, appel" is easy enough) ... turns out they are black teas with bits of dried fruit mixed in ... but 'tis quite yummy all the same; I'll just have to avoid 'em in the evening is all, since tea caffeine messes up my ability to sleep as much as that in coffee does.

Also bought a box of Hero Pommes Fines Herbes (translation on box: sliced Swiss potatoes with herbs" ... whether this is potatoes in a Swiss style or potatoes grown in Switzerland is yet to be determined ***GRIN***) ... I'm not usually a fan of instant-type foods, especially potatoes (my tastebuds still curl up and whimper remembering the first time they were put in contact with the first instant mashed potatoes when I was a child ... EEEEWWWW!), but I'm discovering that the European brands actually have the flavour and texture of the real thing and it's kinda nice to have such things around when I'm working a lot of overtime and lack the iniative to do proper from-scratch cooking. What that little ramble meant to lead to was that since I do love the Maggi Boerenkool Stamppot (kale hash ... a mixture of potato and kale which is tasty and overflowing with revitalizing vitamins), I thought I'd give this a try ... will report when I've done so.

Was hard to find anything else to try out, apart from a packet of Dr. Oetker's Mousse mix (which can be found in most ordinary grocery stores, but usually only a couple of basic flavours ... I never see "Dark Chocolate Truffle", which is what I grabbed, at the Co-op) ... in honour of the upcoming Christmas season, the already cramped space is trying to contain doubled-size gift and chocolate sections (yes, children, there's normally about an aisle and a half devoted to the dark stuff and now there's much more), making it difficult to find the regular products (or even move without risking toppling a display). I'll have to go on a proper stockpiling expedition sometime in January.

In the meantime, back to tea and Neil Gaiman ...
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The Librarian

'cause it made me grin

From Peter O'Donnell's introduction to his Modesty Blaise comic strip story, "Death Trap":

For two years now a small spider has inhabited my bathroom. I don't know how he gets into the bath itself but I often find him there first thing in the morning, struggling to climb up the side but falling back. I call him Fred and he's not very bright but he's company and a good listener and doesn't seem to mind being scooped up on a bit of toilet paper ..."
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