December 7th, 2007

The Librarian

All part of the chase ...

Used some of my zillions of overtime hours to scoot out of work early today and up to Kensington before the Friday night traffic began, with the goal of getting my hands on new volumes of my favourite graphics titles that were supposed to be released around the end of November.

Of course you all know how plans go: Boneyard v. 6 hasn't come in yet (although we received CPL's copies at MY workplace last week ... normally the comics shop has 'em first. I could order through work, but prefer to stick to getting my regular books that way and using the savings to support my graphics habit locally). New Jack of Fables not in yet. And Eric Powell's Chinatown, which I have been antipating for so long? "Sure it's in ... right over on the shelf" Nope, I already checked the Goon display shelf ... nothing there but the regular volumes that I already own and a couple of suspicious empty spaces. "They're all sold already? I'll get one out of the back." After a minute, comes hightailing out of the back emptyhanded, 'round the counter and over to the Goon section to stare at the empty spots. "They're all gone! We've reordered and restocked and THOSE are gone ... two HUGE cartons! You're gonna love it ... it's his best so far ... the art and stories have always been great, but he's finally hit his stride with the perfect balance of comedy and drama ..." Riley, don't make me have to kill you and frisk your body for YOUR copy ... :p

He's gonna hide one and email me when the next shipment comes in ... gotta LOVE when you finally graduate to being a "regular" and get these little services. :-)

On the plus side, while I wasn't getting anything on my list, there were the unexpected treasures I bought instead (they're in the process of rearranging the store, an activity which always brings undiscovered things into the light):

Rex Libris issue 9 (the publisher sends a new release email weekly and somehow managed to miss mentioning this was out!)

Death Trap (the latest in Titan Books re-release of the complete Modesty Blaise comic strips)

Black Orchid (a classic by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean)

God Save the Queen (mentioned in a catdesk list a while back ... the whole notion of "slacker fairies" made this one irresistable)

And last, but far from least, Roman Dirge's It Ate Billy on Christmas (mentioned in this space a couple of days ago) ... an unexpected find as it's an illustrated storybook ("perfectly suited for weird kids of all ages") rather than a graphic, but heck, I'm not going to complain ... I was thrilled to see it. Dove into this one as soon as I got home and LOVED it!!! The ultimate gruesomely funny sibling rivalry/geeky loner wish fulfillment story!!!

***now off to stack the rest on the to-read pile to see if they make it taller than me***