December 4th, 2007

The Librarian

I'm not going blind after all!

A most happy discovery for me, 'cause I was seriously starting to wonder during November. Every once in a while vision in my right eye would blur out, but a hard blink would bring everything back into focus ... this only happened while I was wearing contact lenses; with glasses it was vision as usual. Which, in itself, didn't necessarily mean anything, since my glasses are a slightly different prescription than my contacts ... the contacts have had a couple of "technical adjustments", which, according to the optometrist, were too small to merit the trouble of changing the lenses in my glasses. And I've had the blurring thing before ... my right eye is where the astigmatism lives, and for several years it's decreased from fairly significant to "borderline"; vision in that eye does tend to change rather suddenly and blurriness on that side usually means another improvement in my vision rather than a deterioration (although up until now it's never been THIS drastic this fast, which had me fearing things were going downhill instead).


On December 1st, broke out a new pair of lenses (I'm on one-month disposables) and suddenly the blur attacks are gone. I can only suppose that I must have had an incorrect lens ... right packaging but incorrect contents (I use the same strength in each eye, so no, I wasn't putting the wrong one in) ... I'm guessing it was the wrong size rather than the wrong strength, since I could see properly and clearly when the blur wasn't happening (the hard blink clarifying things would be because doing that repositions the lens on the eye).

Most of me is relieved, although a part is a little disappointed ... it could have been a signal that the final traces of astigmatism had vanished and I was down to being blind due to 100% near-sightedness instead of multiple reasons. :p