November 28th, 2007

The Librarian


This week's episode of "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" has a knitting song! It's available online until midnight Sunday ... to listen, click here, scroll down to the 12:30-13:00 timeslot, and click on the "Listen Again" button (song starts about 14-15 minutes into the show)

EDIT: WHOOHOO!!! "Hordes of the Things" (a 1980s spoof of "Lord of the Rings") is back on the air too! That's under the Saturday listings (not sure what time) ... episode one will be there until midnight this Friday (sorry for the short notice, but this is the first time this week I've been listening to BBC7), with a new episode each week after that. "These were indeed perilous times for Albion, for all around the Lore of Darkness prevailed, and things were not as they should be. Vampires did lie in sin with dragons, the cyclops did interfere with the goblin, and trolls slept around." Scary stuff indeed!

P.S. You can also tune in by clicking on the "Listen Live" icon at the link above ... then you can just scroll down an alphabetical list of shows rather than futz around with knowing days and times.