November 25th, 2007

The Librarian


Feeling insufferably proud of myself as I've just figured out how to stick a working banner/button instead of an ordinary text link into my webpages (hey, I'm slow and self-taught ... it takes time!). I'd fiddled with this before, but couldn't get the silly things to actually function (they looked nice, but refused to connect to anything), so for ages the only button has been for "Sequential Tart" (a site where the folks in charge kindly provided an entire cut and paste code for those of us still using training wheels on our html).

Check out my great accomplishment over in Arts & Literatures, where a brand-spankin'-new "The Zombie Hunters" button now lives in the Comics and Comic Strips section! (now that I suffer from the delusion that I know what I'm doing, I'll hopefully liven the place up with a few more "official" links)

P.S. timcharmorbien, I did try out the Earl and Myrtle banner, but it came out way too big on my page (not that I grudge you the advertising, but ... ***GRIN***). If you ever offer a smaller version, I'll have it up there in a minute! (the Evil Inc. one just below your link is 300x40 pixels and that's about the max I'll go ... anything larger than that overwhelms the regular links, some of which will never have banners/buttons ... I axed larger (more informative) ones and went back to small for Sequential Tart and Pinky TA for that reason)
The Librarian

Finished ...

... reading Hanne Blank's Virgin : the untouched history, originally recommended by anotheranon. Everything she said and more ... this is as essential a must-read for any female (and any male wanting anything to do with females) as Blackledge's The Story of V.

My personal ponderings were a little different ... reading this book made me realize that not once, ever, in my upbringing, was virginity really mentioned, either as something important or something that had to be preserved (I don't recall ever beging told sex was an only-within-marriage thing either); instead what was impressed on me was the importance of caring for, and being cared for by, whoever I had sex with ... several parent points scored here for those teachings.

Short version: READ IT!