November 24th, 2007

The Librarian

Addendum to my book-buying post ...

Michael Palin has the full text and photos of "New Europe" up on his Palin's Travels website for FREE online reading/viewing, along with some other extras that just can't be done in a print edition. Ditto for all his other travel books ... if anybody deserves the Ace Rimmer "What a guy!" reaction, it's Mr. Palin for making sure his writing isn't restricted to those who can pay for it. :-)

P.S. The online editions even have personal bookmarks so that those reading via public use or borrowed computers can mark their place for next session ... now that IS thoughtful.
The Librarian

Something special for libwitch

Pet Heaven : the animal accessory bible, by Sally Muir (catalogued by yours truly yesterday). Most of the patterns in the book are the kind of thing that makes one understand why psychiatric wards exist (co-workers all agreed that this was scary stuff), but there is one cute item in it that made me immediately think of you: a pattern for a knitted ferret. :-)

P.S. Okay, we all agreed that there was one other non-scary item in the book ... the hamster house was declared "cute" too. :p