November 20th, 2007



Just received a notice that seasons 1 and 2 of This Hour Has 22 Minutes are going to be released on DVD in December!!! This is the show that first introduced the brilliant Rick Mercer to the nation (co-stars Kathy Smith, Mary Walsh, and Greg Thomey were already well-known to Canadians from a previous series: Codco), it's the birthplace of "Talking to Americans" (hey, WE love it). And, for Lexxians looking at the DVD cover photo, that lady on the far left is Mary Walsh, better known to you as Lady Hidea in "Twilight".

One of these disks should include Rick Mercer's classic "Queen of the Little People" rant; I shared the print version of it some time ago (from Mercer's first book, Streeters), but there ain't nuthin' like the filmed version!

P.S. I had originally confined the reading of the Streeter to friends, but now that the book is, unfortunately, out of print, I'm opening it up for this post.