November 10th, 2007

The Librarian

A good dose of the sillies

Have been watching (and giggling to the point of risking dropping knitting stitches!) seasons 1-2 of Man about the house, a series I haven't seen since it was first aired in the seventies. Love it when old faves freshly watched still stand up ... replace the seventies wardrobe (and Richard O'Sullivan's strange sideburns) with today's and virtually all the scripts could pass as written yesterday. Stir in an excellent cast, whose acting is so realistic it doesn't seem like acting, performing 3D characters, and limited wardrobes/cramped, dingy flat setting which are far more convincing as the setting of people struggling to make the rent than the apartment measured in acres and bottomless closets of the American remake ("Three's Company").

Another on the highly recommended list! :-)