November 2nd, 2007

The Librarian


Just announced on the radio that the Canadian dollar now = US$1.07!!! Our dollar hasn't been that strong since the seventies!
The Librarian


I must have offended the universe somewhere. I have ***ahem*** "arrangements" to use certain individuals' addresses in situations where I want something from somewhere that only ships to the U.S. (and I can't locate a Canuck supplier). Today I have a combination of a fantastic exchange rate and a short-term 20% off coupon for one of these somewheres that arrived in email today and expires at midnight on Nov. 4. And now I discover that they get all stroppy and won't even let a Canuck order a "gift" for an American. Not with a credit card at least. So I've finally broken down and signed up for a PayPal account in the hope that that will let me work around the whole credit card billing address thing (or at least quickly reimburse buddies who I beg to do the ordering for me ... we'll see whether the former works) ... hopefully their confirmation of my bank account (2-3 days) happens before the coupon expires. :p (because bargain rates (and free shipping) on one's fave so-comfy-I-forget-I'm-wearing-it bra in colours (plum onyx, sugar maple, form fuschia, rosewood) never seen in the stores up here.
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