October 29th, 2007


Mars awaits!

A reward for the seven hours of cataloguing-from-home that I put in yesterday ... tonight my LONG-awaited Robinson Crusoe on Mars DVD was sitting in my mailbox. I caught this flick on late-night tv in my teens and it never, ever left me ... now, after several decades, I (and all the other fans) finally get to see it again (television showings are quite rare ... I've only seen it once since that initial viewing ... and it was never released on VHS). Bonus happy discovery ... this is a special edition with commentary by the screenwriter, cast (all two of them**) and other crew, portions of an interview with the director, a documentary on the science, etc., and a hefty (for a DVD) booklet full o' history and stuff (actor Vic "Friday" Lundin changed his character's "alien" dialogue to resemble Mayan phrasing/terminology?! Impressive! ***now has to look up Lundin's background***)

I know I've babbled about this movie before, but trust me, if you haven't ever seen it, you really should take advantage of its new availability (it's bound to show up in the rental places) and give it a shot ... it's VERY different from its 1950s contemporaries, which is why it's still remembered when so many of the others aren't.

**Okay, there were really four cast members, but Adam West's role at the beginning is so brief it hardly counts, and I suspect the woolly monkey is deceased.
The Librarian


It IS just as good as I remembered ***playing it again with the commentary on ... oooo ... the first fast-moving spaceship in motion pictures***
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