October 23rd, 2007

The Librarian

Just when I thought it was safe to go onto the Internet ...

To my fellows on Facebook ... I've been resistant to all the fish, foodfight, vampire, zombie, etc. invitations because I'm really only using the account as a keep-in-touch with my oldest nephew, who started university this fall (and has his entire friends network already in place over there). But you who slung Visual Bookshelf at me (there were more than one of you and you KNOW who you are) ... okay, you evil things, that's like offering free crack to a trying-to-get-and-stay-clean addict.

I WILL get each of you for this. One day. After I've finished entering all my books. :p
The Librarian

Piratical silliness

The Arrogant Worms signature tune, here performed by Captain Tractor, accompanied by some familiar action (in the original Worms version it's "'cause they know that Captain Jack is hiding in the bay")

And a second Arrogant Worms classic, presented by the Worms themselves: