October 12th, 2007

The Librarian


Two nights out in a row ... if my eyes had vocal cords, they'd be screaming at me from the insides of my eardrums about all the extra contact lens wear (not that I've gone overboard ... just that the dear little orbs are spoiled rotten because they're used to usually only dealing with 9-10 hours of my officially permitted daily 14). But good chatting and giggling and general silliness (and waitresses who make a fresh pot of decaff for you) are always worth it ... early unlaxing in prep for the long workweek next week, which ends with a company official working Saturday in "payment" for management shutting the place down between Christmas and New Year's, giving us all a week off that doesn't ding our vacation time. Gonna be SO tired by Saturday night, but the payoff is worth it (we're doing another Saturday in November, which will equal not having to be open Mon. Dec. 24 either, for a grand total of 11 days in a row off ... definitely a worthwhile payoff)

And FINALLY remembered to bring my heap of book notes home with me tonight too; it's been forever since I posted a new catdesk entry and I do have a ton o' goodies to share. It'll definitely appear sometime this weekend (I'd do it tonight if it weren't for the loud eye-bitching), so get your library cards sharpened and ready. ;p
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