October 6th, 2007

The Librarian

Quote for today

"All I know is that whatever else I do with my life, I will forever be remembered for birthing a stinky little zombie child with worms and I'm totally ok with that, especially since my chances of becoming an underwear model seem to be becoming more and more slim."

Roman Dirge, in his introduction to Cooties (volume three of his Lenore series)
The Librarian

Doing my bit ...

... to prepare for shemhazai's upcoming NoNewSewMo (marvelous idea!): I've ordered the Shirts, Etc. DVD for myself (it's been on my wishlist for a while and I'd be crazy not to take advantage of Canuck and U.S. dollars currently being virtually at par to get this pricy item). I had access to this video in VHS form when I worked at the college and the techniques demonstrated on it got me past my aversion to attaching shirt collars and cuffs ... unfortunately it's one of those things, like binary, that doesn't analogize in my brain and so just slides out of my memory immediately after use, even though I fully comprehend it ... I always had to check out the video every time I made a shirt because I can't retain how the quick'n'painless method works. Hopefully it'll arrive in time to allow me to check the half-finished shirt that's been hanging in the spare room forever off my to-do list (and mebbe I'll even get another made from my existing fabric stash before the deadline!)