October 5th, 2007

The Librarian

More recreational web-reading

Having done the massive web-comic hunt (well, phase one anyway), I've started reading some of the ones that really intrigued me. Evil Inc. and its prequel strip, Greystone Inn, are HIGHLY recommended ... intelligent, well-plotted, and very funny! (I devoured the entire 2.5 year archive of "Evil", laughing all the way, and am about a year of giggling into the "Greystone" archive)

Also on the recommended list is the Queen of Wands archive (this strip is continued by the currently-running and excellent Punch an' Pie, which has two bi women as main characters and is reminiscent, in a very good but opposite-gender way, of Tim Barela's marvelous Leonard & Larry) :-)
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The Librarian

Goofin' off

Was supposed to be teaching The Cheater's Guide to Cataloguing this afternoon, but have been informed that, due to only one registrant this time 'round (probably the person who dropped out at the last minute in August, turning THAT session into an inadvertent one-on-one), I'm off the hook. Normally I'd be told further in advance, but poor C, who owns and runs the training business, is suffering from the same labour problems as everybody else in the city ... she dared to treat herself to a couple of days off and a bunch of stuff didn't get done (like the rescheduling of sessions with insufficient enrolments ... mine need two students to break even and 3+ to make money)

Still, now that that's straightened out, I don't see any point in wandering in to my regular job (as nobody's expecting me). Guess I'll get showered and nip up to Kensington and the comics shop before the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend hordes hit the streets ... lessee ... I need more "Preacher", volume three of "Lenore", must check the publisher site and see if the colour edition of "Boneyard, vol. 3" is out yet (starts making shopping list). Oh, and should take my copy of the Pibgorn book up in case the manager is in today ... last time we talked, she was mentioning how they were starting to try to track down and get into dealing in the paper collections of web comics and I bet she hasn't seen it ...
The Librarian


Conversation with Riley as I'm paying for my loot in the comics shop:

R: ***looking over my titles ("Preacher", "Boneyard", "Peculia", "Lenore") to see if he approves before starting the transaction*** Yeah! I like "Boneyard". ***pause and not quite making eye contact as he starts ringing me up*** Do you ... er ... you're not easily offended, are you?
Me: ***starts laughing***
R: ***starts laughing too*** Guess not if you're buying "Preacher". ***drops into wide-eyed little boy in schoolyard mode*** Do you know what Richard Moore REALLY does?
Me: Uh huh (the answer is here ... questionable for work)
R: I just started reading his stuff a while ago and liked it so I Googled him ... ***trails off*** ... but I met him at this year's (Calgary comics con whose name escapes me at the moment) and he's just a regular guy!

They're so cute when they're young ... I managed to shock him further by telling him Harlan Ellison used to write porn paperbacks to pay the rent ***giggles***
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