September 29th, 2007

The Librarian

Typetypetype ...

Both JLS' Collections and JLS' Favorite Oddities & Curiosities.

In Collections, the book, movie, and music lists are updated, as well as the new free ebook site added.

In Curiosities, odds and ends of updates in several categories, plus a hefty, heaping helping of new webcomics links, primarily to strips, but a couple of review sites as well. Titles were found via recommendations by other webcomic writers/artists whose work I enjoy, on the assumption that they must have good taste (after all, they produce stuff I like ***GRIN***) and that if I resorted to the The Webcomic List, I'd still be collecting links six months from now with no time to actually read any of 'em. I did read a handful of each strip to decide whether it made the cut rather than just adding blindly.

Have also done my best to add credits when I know the site was recommended to me, or found because of, somebody else.

Once again, let me know if there's something good out there that belongs on one of these lists ... suggestions are always welcome. :-)

Happy exploring!

EDIT: P.S. I know the "Lair of the Twisted Kitten" link isn't working, but since it's denying access rather than saying the site doesn't exist, I'm going to leave it for now; my experience is that access denials mean a site is undergoing a re-design and I'm hoping that that's what Korshi Dosoo (the artist/writer who "lives" there) is up to.