September 22nd, 2007

The Librarian

Mildly bizarre

According to an insert in my phone bill, the phone company failed to meet four out of its thirteen performance targets during a time period spanning 2002-2003. Because of that, all customers are receiving a rebate of $2.73 on their September 2007 phone bill (yes, I've got a credit for that amount on my bill ... most astonishing in an era when one is more likely to be informed of newly invented back charges for something or other)

This is probably striking me as a little stranger than it normally would because I'm currently reading Rob "Red Dwarf" Grant's Incompetence and it's as if a little piece of the novel has reached out into my real life. :p
The Librarian

I've gotta quit reading online cartoonists' blogs ...

... they just lead to other neat webstrips to get addicted to. Now it's Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Tayler. Haven't started reading my way up from the beginning yet, but I intend to as I got several giggles out of the newly released book's sample pages (LOVE Ennesby, the smart-mouthed little A.I. lifeform who looks like a lollipop)

I blame it all on PVP, which led me to Starslip Crisis, which, in turn led me to Exiern and now to this as well. But it's great to see so many talented people having a chance to strut their stuff, and especially seeing some of them now publishing books and/or deservedly making a living from what began as a little Internet fun. :-)