September 17th, 2007

The Librarian

A little childhood nostalgia ...

One of the first LPs we ever owned when I was a kid had songs from the LeGallienne/Friebus 1932 musical "Alice in Wonderland". I loved 'em. Many years later (1983), PBS broadcast a revival of this show, with Richard Burton as the White Knight and his daughter Kate Burton as Alice (plus many other big names) ... sadly I only caught part of it at that time, but enjoyed what I saw just as much as I'd originally enjoyed the songs. Tonight I've watched it end-to-end twice, having finally acquired the DVD ... such a lovely, warm, fuzzy fluffy it is. :-)

Highlight of the show ... Geoffrey Holder's portrayal of the Cheshire Cat, which ties with Robert Westenberg's Big Bad Wolf in "Into the Woods" as the kind of animal character performance that could make a girl seriously consider bestiality ... YUMMMM!. ;p