September 6th, 2007

The Librarian


Have added an extra day onto my not-going-to-workedness ... yesterday I woke to left sinuses all blocked up and sometime last night the right side joined in the fun. Which resulted in my waking up frequently, gasping, because I'd ended up breathing through my mouth and the interior of that and my throat were shriveled and dust-dry. :-( Needless to say, my brain isn't in a state to be twiddling with other people's marc codes ...

Aside from that, am wonderfully unlaxed ... no sewing done, but progress on knitting, lots of reading, updated web pages, and got ambitious enough yesterday to shift furniture in my bedroom and give it a real vacuuming rather than the usual bits-that-show treatment (can't blame the sinuses on that 'cause that condition was already started by then). Washed the windows in there too, which I find easiest/fastest just lifting all four big sliding panes out, putting an old towel in the bottom of the bathtub to protect against scratches and just sluicing 'em down and polishing them with microfibres. Windows weren't too bad ... really just the exterior ones needing a bit of raindrop-spattered dust removed, which didn't even colour the couple of inches of water in the tub. Moment of horror ... I washed the screen too, and it turned the water BLACK! (not the frame doing this, but the screen itself) Note to self: the bottom of every little hole in a screen is a foul, dirt-collecting mini-ledge (on the plus side, definite improvement in ventilation in that room, now that there's more space for the air to actually move through it. :p

Dunno what I'll get into today (although definitely must stroll over to grocery to restock orange juice ... only had enough left for jumpstarting blood sugar this morning) ... wonder if there's a way to get the giant screen out of the balcony doors and into the bathroom ...
The Librarian

Just occurred to me ...

... after mentioning flipping through back issues of sewing magazines to sealwhiskers ... if anybody out there wants the how-to for the bog coat (that long "stained glass" coat of mine that's made up mainly by creative fabric folding and just two short seams), let me know ... I scanned it this weekend for anotheranon and can email a copy to anybody else who wants it. :-)

Bog coat Bog coat

The Librarian

And the Earth is saved yet again!

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