September 4th, 2007

The Librarian

New tastebud treats ...

New to me, anyway. Tried Genisoy's Potato Soy Crisps for the first time today ... very very good. I sampled the "parmesan and roasted garlic" flavour ... absolutely NO doubt about the garlic being real (just opening the bag was proof enough), and my tastebuds certainly believe in the parmesan too. Crispy and flavourful and gives one all the sensations of having eaten "real" junk food without the accompanying bad-for-yous.

Definitely gonna buy these again sometime. :-)

P.S. Browsing through the company website to see what else they make ... Chocolate Soy Nuts???!!! (yes, I know roasted soy nuts taste kinda peanuty and peanuts/peanut butter + chocolate is a popular combination, but it's a combination I've never particularly cared for. Although I do like salted, roasted soy nuts on their own)