September 3rd, 2007

The Librarian

Today's bit o' silliness ...

Exiern: an online comic about a barbarian-hero-type who got outer his appearance transformed into a blonde bimbo-type (named "Tiffany") by a sorcerer. But he's still a "Conan" inside and has a tendency to forget that he just doesn't pack the mass he used to in a fight. Painful two-dimensional art of the early strips is in the process of being redrawn by somebody who knows about things like perspective (and who is also drawing the current strips); the very first instalments, where the whole plot is set up, have already been redone and can now be viewed without wincing (just flick back to the beginning of the archives).

How I came across this: a banner featuring a woman punching out somebody, while yelling at a companion that she didn't have anger issues, she just liked violence. C'mon, you would have clicked too ... XD
The Librarian

For the William Gibson fans

Episode #133 of The Bat Segundo Show features an interview with William Gibson ... content outline and print excerpt up on the site; to hear the interview, scroll down until you see the link to the MP3 of 133 on the right under "Current Shows".

Excerpted from the excerpt:

GIBSON: Those are truly, you know — usually when people say they have questions I haven’t been asked before, it’s not true. You’ve actually managed to do it.