September 1st, 2007

The Librarian

Ah ...

... first day of long weekend, rendered extra-long for me as I'm taking Tuesday and Wednesday off as well ('twill be extra relaxing 'cause for the first time in ages I won't be worrying about what's happening at work ... ***melts into happy, jellified puddle***)

Off to other end of city in a bit to help T. move clothes and other essentials to new apartment (big stuff moving later in month with truck) close to this neighbourhood (she'll be practically next-door to Scarab Kong). Scoring a place to live is quite a coup in this city with zero vacancy rate, and I'm glad for her ... she needs and deserves it. :-)

P.S. I promise, one day I WILL take a better piccie of Scarab Kong than that dinky thing that is the only image available on the Web. Mebbe some of the tacky combination Egyptian temple/video arcade interior too. ;-)
The Librarian


Knew we were going to have time to kill between picking T.'s stuff up and being able to get into new place, so had taken one of my blue shoes along on the off-chance of hitting the local fabric shop in-between. Instead, we visited a fabric shop up in the NW, near the pick-up point, and, with three pairs of eyes hunting, I got VERY lucky!
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