August 5th, 2007

The Librarian

Another freebie

Wanna see a movie that Cary Grant made in England before going to Hollywood? Just clicky-click right here to see "The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss" (aka "The Amazing Adventure" and "Romance and Riches"). This 1936 film is now in the public domain, so the download is legal (always a bonus) ... it's a nice little tale (only 61 minutes long) and well worth viewing. :-)

P.S. You have the option of viewing it on the site or downloading it to your computer via the FTP option.

P.P.S. Ooooo ... they're also offering William Powell in My Man Godfrey!!! And Grant again in His Girl Friday (this one's view-on-the-site only). I own all of these movies on DVD 'cause I like 'em so much, so heartily recommend 'em all to my buddies!
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The Librarian


A few tweaks and changes to JLS' Collections and JLS' Favorite Oddities & Curiosities. In Collections, I've added credits for/links to the software that I use to catalogue my stuff and generate the weblists (they've made my life a lot easier, so they more than deserve the promo). In Oddities, no new links today (although I have another pile to add), but there are now contents links at the tops of the busier pages so you don't need to scroll through the whole thing to see what topics are included, as well as back-to-top links scattered throughout.

Happy more convenient exploring!

P.S. I try to check the links regularly, but if anybody comes across one that isn't working or knows of a site that should be added, please alert me. :-)
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The Librarian

Go me!

Feeling inordinately proud of myself, having wrassled CATVids into starting up the required media player and playing the chosen video file with one click in the looked-up movie (pride fully merited ... normally the Help file in this software is excellent but instructions for this whole section were absent and nothing useful in the online forums either). Am mystified though, by the automatically appearing little TV symbol that is SUPPOSED to handle the autoplay, but does nothing, while the "file link" in the record does all the work. Must be an "enhancement" ... :p

This all comes from the public domain movie download site I posted about last night ... got m'self a couple of old Merrie Melody Bugs Bunny cartoons, "Topper Returns" and a few other goodies and being able to look-up-and-play is far more efficient than firing up a second piece of software and going file hunting, especially for guests who haven't the benefit of having memorized my holdings. :-)