July 18th, 2007

The Librarian

You know you're not imagining that it's too damn hot ...

... when you reach into a bag of clothes that came out of the dryer over 24 hours ago and they still haven't cooled down in the middle ... YUCK! (the only reason I'm not worried that the thing is going to spontaneously combust like hay, is that hay only does it when there's moist green stuff trapped in the middle of the bale/stack)
The Librarian

A bit o' silliness

Sadly, the 2003, 10 minute film Mulit is no longer available on the Absolut Vodka website, or anywhere else on the Internet (that I can find) ... it's one of a group of highly acclaimed mini-movies that the company made to advertise their product (each is supposed to be saturated with the Absolut logo, worked into backgrounds, props, etc.). One can only hope that they someday release the collection on DVD ... I'd definitely love to see "Mulit" and would probably enjoy the rest of 'em as well.

On the cheerful side, however, I did track down an online version of the one minute trailer, which is the bit I HAVE seen, as it plays on my Bollywood/Hollywood DVD before the main menu appears. And really, if you've seen the trailer, you know the whole plot ... and you'll never see a more creative explanation of the origin of the mullet haircut. ;-)

Decide for yourselves (and prepare to giggle, especially at the perfect recreation of of the look of 70s films): The "Mulit" trailer

EDIT: SQUEEEE! I take that back ... Google finally just turned up the full film HERE! (shoulda known YouTube would have a pirate version) ... gonna watch it for the first time NOW! :D