July 16th, 2007

The Librarian

Shiny new in the mail today

Reckless and Reckless : the sequel all together in one tidy (and space-saving) package. They were absolute delights to watch when they originally aired ten and nine years ago and I don't expect that to have faded one jot ... 'tis a tale of a love affair between an older woman (Francesca Annis) and a younger man (Robson Green), who happens to be a co-worker of her philandering husband (Michael Kitchen); in RL Annis is twenty years older than Green and that's how they played it in the films.

Casting, story, and performances all excellent (frankly I don't think Robson Green is capable of picking a bad script or role). I have especially fond memories of the silent and completely misleading scene that opens the sequel, ending with a single word from Annis that turns the viewer's entire perception of the last few minutes upside-down.

A pair to put very high on your must-see lists

EDIT: Robson Green link fixed