June 29th, 2007

The Librarian


Just heard the song "Handy man" from the CD Naughty, Bawdy and Blue, with virtual every line in old sexual slang, and the DJ didn't get it!!! Honest ... I could tell from how he was talking about it afterwards as if it was about somebody does household repairs; hopefully one of his co-workers will enlighten him.

The CD, BTW, goes on my wishlist ... this song is GOOD! And funny! (for those of us who know what we're listening to ***GRIN***)

P.S. You can listen to a bit o' the lyrics at the above link
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The Librarian

Today's mission accomplished ...

... despite the sudden downpour (I have this great timing thing with cloudbursts and parking lots): new passport photos now taken. Wanted the hair done first as I usually do do that before a trip and you're supposed to look how you'd look while travelling in the things. :p Next step will be the joy of the line-up once I've got all the names, sigs, etc. that I need ... the main government building has been shut down for weeks due to massive water damage, so there's only the satellite office opened up to deal with the massive influx of passport applications caused by the new U.S. requirements; there are participating Canada Post offices and Service Canada Centres, but it's always a better bet to deal directly with Passport Canada ... that way if there's a problem with one's application, it gets pointed out right away and a fix can be done (like last time, when the form said I needed a university graduate's sig to prove I was me ... like having a degree guarantees trustworthiness?!?! ... but they'd forgotten to include in the instructions ... and the clerk I was dealing with said that it WAS a printing error on the form ... the rider that said this eddicated guarantor could not be retired)

I think it'd all be much simpler if they just fingerprinted us at birth and burned that image into our SIN cards for future passport application purposes only; right now it's illegal for anybody except Canadian government employees from tax and pension depts., and employers ONLY for the purpose of creating your T4 slip for income tax, to ask to see that card, but I'd be happy to let the Passport folk into the club if it simplifies identity stuff and reduces paperwork (plus there's the added fantasy of Bushie-minions' heads exploding over Canucks refusing to bare their SINs to THEM ***GRIN***)

P.S. There's legislation taking effect in mid-August to simplify the whole Canadian passport procedure, making it possible for any non-related Canadian citizen who knows you, regardless of education level, to guarantee your identity; unfortunately the timing's off for me, as my passport expires near the end of August
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