June 28th, 2007

The Librarian

I could really get into this laziness thing ...

Off to the hairdresser's for a fresh coat of paint and a trim this morning ... am now once again "6-block red" above the ears and espresso from the ears down. New variation this time ... a scattering of espresso strands in the up-top red. J. & N. say the release of the new, allegedly non-fade, red dyes is imminent, so may be getting that next time ... YAY!

Then across the top of the hill and down to Kensington and the comics shop ... someplace I normally visit on Sundays, when there's a good chance of nabbing one of their three parking spots, but this is a long weekend and between Kensington being a tourist attraction and my having to get past the biggest mall in southern Alberta to get there ... well, I think I'd rather stay home and play with fabric or something. :p
Acquired: the newest Fables collection, volumes one and two of the colour edition of Boneyard, the extremely elusive (and not available at the public library) volume one of The Goon plus volume five of the same series (now I just need volume three to have a complete set), and finally, volume one of a new-to-me title that looked intriguingly wacko in the Slave Labor Graphics newsletter: Lenore (how can I describe it? ... imagine if the His Shadow zombies from "Twilight" managed to mate and produce a cute little dead girl ... many twisted giggles lie within).

The manager was manning the till today, and she and I had a nice chat about how the new trend of graphics collections in libraries is making the genre "respectable" and bringing a whole new range of customers into the comics shops (today my arrival was marked by holding the door for a pair of happy, late-seventiesish women who were leaving the shop with a big bag of purchases). I was glad to hear that it's working out that way for them ... often bookstores worry that the library will undercut them, but instead it frequently provides the samples that make the public hungry for more. And I was, of course, mostly buying titles that I'd first encountered cataloguing the public library's purchases ... living proof! :p