June 23rd, 2007

The Librarian

Horrifying thing overheard ...

... on leaving the mall behind woman with two little girls. On her saying they were going to Tim Horton's, the younger, who looked no more than four, got all excited and was squealing, "Yay, Icecaps!"

Now, for you non-Canucks, an Icecap (Tim's labels 'em Iced Capps, but everybody says Icecap) is an iced cappuchino (scroll down a tad to see) ... since there's no law forbidding the sale of coffee to minors (and yes, these things are real coffee, not coffee flavouring), I suggest we all send up a prayer, pity thoughts, or other equivalent, for every teacher, babysitter, etc. who ever has to deal with this kid ... they're gonna need it.
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The Librarian


"... if there's one thing palaeontologists hate, it's a lush green blanket of plants on top of perfectly good fossil-bearing rocks."

From "Deep Alberta : fossil facts and dinosaur digs", by John Acorn.
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The Librarian

It's been a LONG time ...

... (nearly the year!), but the booklists by author, title, and call number over at JLS' Collections have finally been updated. Up-to-date listing of my own collection, all the no-longer-functioning ebooks removed, links corrected for those that had merely relocated, new ebooks added, and so forth and so on. Hopefully I'll be doing this a little more frequently from now on ... :p
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