May 31st, 2007

The Librarian


Tonight I forced myself to annihilate the ironing mountain ... it's GONE!

It's not that I mind ironing ... in fact I find it rather satisfying ... it's just that this apartment layout is entirely lacking in spaces convenient for setting up an ironing board that correspond with locations of electrical outlets ... I have to either move furniture or block a doorway or something (yeah, I know it'd be simpler if I didn't have bookcases and all my walls were bare instead, but I'm not letting that kind of logic get in the way of my bitchin'). So finally collected all clean and needing-pressing garments (including most of my long-sleeved winter shirts) into a huge pile on the armchair, rendering it unsittable and set up the ironing board in a spot where it partially blocked the doorway between "dining room" and kitchen AND access to the hallway leading from living room to bedrooms and bathroom ... even so I managed to sidle past it for two weeks before finally ordering myself to "DO IT OR ELSE!!!" tonight.

Feels very good to have clothes on hangers again, and related apparatus hung back on its own out-of-sight rack in the storeroom.

Next thing you know, I'll be unloading the dishwasher all at once instead of item by item as I need them. ***GRIN***
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