May 23rd, 2007

The Librarian

A nice reward ...

... after a day off (Monday was Victoria Day, so took yesterday off as well to treat myself to a 4-day weekend) ... two of my special order books came in and were sitting on my desk when I went in today.

One more for the palaeontology collection: After the dinosaurs : the age of mammals, by Donald R. Prothero. Part of a series titled "Life of the Past" ... now that I know that I'll have to go to the Indiana University Press site and see what the other volumes cover.

And one on a fascinating historical character: Granuaile : Ireland's pirate queen, by Anne Chambers. Anne Bonney and Mary Read may be the best-known female pirates, but they were only ordinary crewmen ... Granuaile (aka Grace O'Malley) captained her own fleet, and petitioned for and gained a productive audience with Elizabeth I (both women were in their sixties at the time) when an English administrator was giving her grief. :-)

UPDATE: I just got an email from Chapters/Indigo informing me that my The Art of the Bawdy Song CD is on the way ... life IS good today (the only way it could be better is if all this stuff were free ***GRIN***).
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