May 4th, 2007

The Librarian

Mmmmm ... tunes! (shemhazai probably should scroll straight past this ***GRIN***)

No Sophie Solomon yet, but tonight I'm basking in the wonderful sound of Alan Dargin and his didjeridu (accompanied by Michael Atherton on guitar). It's an instrument that grabs me as hard as the various forms of bagpipe and the fiddle can ... these are the three instruments that, to my ear, are, in skilled hands (and mouth), capable of sounding like something alive rather than something played. Dargin's music isn't traditional and really can't be conveniently pigeonholed in any of the usual contemporary slots (especially his "Hitchhiker's Nightmare" which is probably the only musical comedy piece written for didjeridu in existence) ... it's just his.

P.S. The arrival of this CD is one of several events which makes me suspect a partnership between Amazon and the credit card companies ... it, along with several other items, has been backordered for ages. And, naturally, when one item in an order is backordered or delayed, Amazon hangs onto the whole order as long as possible because they wanna keep that free shipping confined to one shipment. Interestingly, over the past couple of years, I've noticed that the second I make major credit card payments, greatly reducing my balance, or, more recently, have my balance at zero (or at a few dollars in my favour), Amazon suddenly receives and ships all my backorders and their accompanying titles ... after a long drought I've received three packages from them this week and there's a fourth in transit. Once is a coincidence ... a half dozen times is a conspiracy, right? ;P
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