April 26th, 2007

The Librarian

So THAT's why ...

I went on an update/expand-my-palaeontology stuff binge not long ago, which meant some serious net-scouring for books that went beyond the standard here-is-a-picture-of-a-dinosaur-and-here's-how-big-it-was ... I like a little meat on my extinct creature's bones (within deduced and theoretical reason, of course). One yummy-looking title, Digging up deep time : fossils, dinosaurs and megabeasts from Australia's distant past wasn't obtainable through work ... for some reason we don't deal much with Australian imports ***pout***. So went on my own hunt ... all the Alibris listings were for Australian dealers, but Abebooks had a North American dealer ("Bob's Books" in New Jersey) offering a new copy. Yippee ... that'll save a chunk o' postage. So promptly placed my order and had a "book shipped" email within 24 hours. Figured it was likely coming on the cheapest rate/slowest method, so assumed it'd likely take about three weeks to arrive. And that's how long it took ... with a New Zealand postmark! Naughty, naughty Bob ... you're supposed to have the book in stock in YOUR store. But I won't tattle ... I wasn't gouged on shipping, I've got my treasure, and it looks great ... a good-sized section of colour plates, lots of b&w photos and illustrations, and text that, on sampling a couple of pages, is written to be interesting as well as informative. Everything a good nonfiction book should have. :-)