April 25th, 2007

The Librarian


Just got a notification email from TV Shows on DVD.com that The New Statesman is being released on DVD! Much as I loved this show when I originally saw it, I was resigned to having it on my mental list of items that were unlikely to ever be released on disc ... now if only they'd get a move on with "Max Headroom".

For those not familiar, Rik "Flasheart" Mayall plays Alan B'Stard, Britain's sleaziest, slimiest politician (redundant adjectives, I know, but he really needs both of them) ... VERY recommended viewing.

I know Max is close to the top (#52) of the most-wanted-on-DVD list at TV Shows on DVD.com, so I figure it's GOTTA happen eventually (this site is used and partially supported by some of the companies who produce and market DVDs). But if The New Statesman has made it, that gives me renewed hope for the obscure, but side-splittingly funny, Brass.