April 21st, 2007

The Librarian

Red Dwarf may be in limbo but ...

... apparently the Brits now have Hyperdrive! IMDB reviews are mixed, with the positive ones outnumbering the negative (most of which appear to be complaining because it's not Red Dwarf) ... several of the thumbs up people have said it's "The Office" in space, and one claims the show is reminiscent of "Lexx". Overall, sounds like something to keep an eye out for on this side of Atlantic. :-)

P.S. This is one of those things happily discovered while looking for something else ... was in a "Neverwhere" mood this morning, specifically wishing that I could see the amazing Paterson Joseph in other performances (link being that he has a recurring role as the "slippery and hugely ambitious Space Marshall Clarke" in this series ... HURRAH!)
The Librarian


Tonight's courtyard theatre ... two jackrabbits involved in territorial dispute, while a third snoozes in the sun, only to jerk awake with a "Huh? Did I hear something?" after the hostilities had been settled. ***GRIN***
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The Librarian

Yet another thing you must read ...

At work I catalogue a lot o' graphics ... CPL is working hard to build up that part of their collection. One title that I kinda passed over in the early days was The Goon ... cover pictures were big-guy-beating-up-monster ... ho-hum. Last month, while doing a page count (client insists that pages be counted for all graphics that don't have page numbering ... blech!) for a new volume in the series, something caught my eye ... and then something else. Waitaminnit ... this is funny! So went to my local branch and signed out such volumes of The Goon as were available ...

Folks, it's beyond funny. 'tis absolutely hilarious. A very Lexxy, Puppets-Who-Kill kind of hilarious. Illustrated with flawless artwork ... yes, there IS such a thing and it's been drawn right on these pages.** Zombies, giant spiders, killer robots, an insane Spanish-speaking lizard butler, and a mad scientist who can't cope with the fact that the public won't acknowledge the superiority of his genetically-enhanced cream corn. And that's just the tip of the iceberg (comicberg?). Ya gotta read it. Really.

P.S. Click on "GoonZone" in the main Goon page linked above, then on "Comics" for access to preview pages.

**In the intro to volume three, artist/writer Eric Powell's work is favourabley compared to that of the great Will Eisner ... and that comparison is spot-on.


For those who have been despairing over the sudden disappearance of Pibgorn from the Comics.com site, Brooke McEldowney has joined the ranks of the LJers and is now posting his own updates at officialpibgorn. Not a showcase for the strip itself, but definitely the place where the strip's new home will be announced. :-)

EDIT: New to LJ and looks as if he has a few things to learn about posting piccies here. Thanks to an alert fan, corrected links to the demo drawings for his editing/censoring post are here, here, and here.