March 31st, 2007

The Librarian

A few views of my workplace

Only a fraction of the place, I'm afraid ... there's lots of spots where it's just not possible to stand back far enough to take a photo; the showrooms were pretty much in darkness, so I didn't bother with hunting down all the light switches (just took one shot in a section with windows). Also, there were others in working today, so was being good little privacy-respecter and avoiding people shots.

EDIT: Should have mentioned, just to enhance the bookporn effect ... all those wooden shelving units are at least three times deeper than a standard bookcase, so books are two or three layers deep in each of them. ;-)
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The Librarian

I appreciate ...

... the current popularity of, the imaginative design behind, the functionality of, and the look of the new long-front sweaters/coverups/wraps, with their many options for tying, draping, etc. Collapse )