March 27th, 2007

The Librarian

The great Calgary blizzard followup

Peeked warily out of the window when I got up this morning and nary a speck of white on the ground. As I headed out to my car somewhat later, the first fat, fluffy flakes were just starting to fall. Overall, today amounted to nothing more than fairly light snow flurries, resulting in a snow cover that's mebbe a couple of inches deep. At the moment everything's dripping and slushy, and the sky is trying to decide between raining and snowing (not true sleet, 'cause it lacks that touch of ice).

Wonder what tomorrow will bring? (I mean for real as opposed to what the meteorologists claim to predict) :p
The Librarian

For the ebook lovers ...

Blackmask Online, which has been out-of-service for several months due to a copyright dispute, is back online at their old address, but with a new name: Munseys. Looks as if they've restocked with a broader selection ... under the old monicker they specialized primarily in mysteries. Happy browsing!
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