March 23rd, 2007

The Librarian

Marvelous music!

The exquisitely music-tasted shemhazai shared this YouTube film of Ed Alleyne-Johnson, fiddler extraordinaire, a couple of days ago ... I loved his sound so much I did some internet-digging and unearthed this mp3 (plays in QuickTime) of another of his tunes.

Both tracks are from a CD titled "Ultraviolet" (the YouTube piece is "Orange", the mp3 is album title track "Ultraviolet") for which I haven't tracked down North American availability yet. However, one of his other CDs is available through (I jumped it to the top of my wishlist queue and have it on order), and the same CD, plus a second, are available through There are other titles for sale via secondhand markets on both Amazons.

P.S. Unofficial Alleyne-Johnson website here, with a couple more mp3s!