March 17th, 2007

The Librarian

A query for the sewing people

Is there, somewhere out in the e-verse, a listing of sewing machine stitch diagrams and the names/purposes of the stitches? My machine has 23 stitch options on it, but only a few are named/have their use described in the manual. The three decorative ones are easy enough to pick out, but some of the others are a mystery ... I'd hate to think I was missing out on using the best selection for a project through ignorance.

Merci beaucoup in advance for any advice/leads! :-)
The Librarian

Accomplished today ...

  • Sewed one pair of charcoal leggings
  • Finally frogged the scrawl cuff I'd been unhappy with and restarted it with newly-purchased double-pointed needles. Looks WAY better than the one started on two sets of cable needles ... doesn't have that nasty jog/gap at the join. After a few rounds, switched it all back to the cables, which are more convenient to work with, and made good progress
  • And am now in the process of getting ready to go meet friends at the Comedy Cave down the street ... anticipating mucho giggles and good times :-)