March 10th, 2007

The Librarian

A swarm ...

... of updates have been added to JLS' Favourite Oddities & Curiosities. New museums; new reference sites; a new "publishers" section in "Audios & Visuals"; new sites for authors, actors, comedians, artists, musicians, book publishers, etc.

Biggest change is in "Fibre Arts" ... so far I've pretty much stuck to history, source and how-to sites, but now a "Suppliers and Patterns" section has been added. Since so many of the sites deal in multiple products (the pattern people sell fabrics and notions and yarns, the fabric people sell patterns, the yarn people sell buttons and zippers and fabrics for lining, and so forth and so on), I'm not even going to TRY to categorize 'em ... I'm just putting everything in one huge, spend-days-lost-in-the-links, easy-to-pimp-to-your-friends mass. Just think of it as an adventure in expanding your fibre horizons ***GRIN***

I'm on a roll at the moment, digging through my Favourites and through my old LJ posts where I listed masses of sewing/knitting/pattern sites, so this particular section is going to be growing and changing for the next couple of hours ... stay tuned!

P.S. All suggestions for all sections welcome ... if it's good and I don't have it listed, tell me about it!
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