March 9th, 2007

The Librarian

I'd never heard of ...

... Tim Barela and his Leonard & Larry comics until I ventured into the Dreamhaven Books online catalogue. Read volume one, "Domesticity Isn't Pretty", cover-to-cover last night ... staying up far later than I should have and laughing myself silly at the unputdownable thing. Barela is a genius ... his art is great, his characters so three-dimensional that they border on four, and he writes a helluva good story, whether single page or many pages. Volumes 2-4 definitely on the ol' wishlist! :-)

Just HAD to share one of the short'uns ... the "title track" of the book:
Collapse )

Now time to settle down with some sort of nourishment and "Shoggoth's Old Peculiar" ... will report later!
The Librarian

Shoggoth's Old Peculiar (

***snickering*** A spoof of H.P. Lovecraft, in which it is made quite obvious that Mr. Gaiman shares my "so where's the scary stuff?" attitude towards that author. Nice little giggle + lovely art by Jouni Koponen. For those who want to take a look, the story is included, sans piccies, in the Gaiman anthology Smoke and Mirrors (much more likely to be in your local library than the stand-alone version I have).